Before & After

Welcome to our Before & After Gallery.  Please enjoy some of our amazing smile Fort Myers smile makeover's.

Invisalign Clear Braces

This patient wanted straighter teeth without having to have the traditional braces with metal bands and wires placed. Dr. Catlin used Invisalign to straighten her teeth and improve her smile. She is very pleased with her results.




Crowns & Bridges

This patient was unhappy with the general shape and color of her teeth. She was unable to whiten her teeth due to her sensitivity. Dr. Campbell crowned her upper 7 teeth and placed a 3-unit bridge to give her a more balanced youthful smile.


This patient had chipped/broken upper veneers. Dr.Campbell removed and prepared her front 6 teeth and lower teeth for veneers. She is extremely happy with her new veneers and is planning on more restorations.

Bonding /Recontouring /2 Crowns

This patient was unhappy with the color and position of her front teeth. She had two dark teeth in her smile zone because of old root canal treatments. Dr. Campbell wanted to treat this case conservatively, so we were able to achieve our final results by crowning the two dark teeth, recontouring the edges of her teeth. Dr. Campbell also changed out some of the old bonding to get a more uniform color. The patient was shocked that she did not need braces to achieve her straighter smile. She is very happy and wants to have more of her old fillings replaced with bonding.



Porcelain Crowns

This patient was unhappy with the discoloration of her fillings, the general shape and color of her teeth. Dr. Campbell prepped the front 6 teeth with all porcelain crowns to achieve a more balanced and whiter smile.


Fixed Bridge

This patient wanted to replace her removable partial with a fixed permanent bridge. She also wanted her teeth to be straight and whiter, Dr Campbell prepared her upper teeth for a fixed bridge.


Combination of Veneers, Crowns and Bridge

This patient wanted whiter teeth, she had tried unsuccessfully to bleach/whiten her teeth. Dr Campbell prepared her six upper teeth and lower ten teeth for combination of veneers, crowns and a 3 unit bridge.


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